V5 Documentation

Data Storage File Size

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Introduced NCrunch v5.0 Default Value: 1,048,575
ID/Tag in config file: DataStorageFileSize


At test run time, NCrunch RDI collects data from the execution run and stores this in a series of linked rolling log files.

This setting controls the size of each individual log file. As a log file must be of a fixed size regardless of how much useful data it contains, this could be considered to be RDI's 'chunk' or 'page' size.

The value of this setting will be applied to all tests in its associated project. As such, this setting is only useful for test projects and will have no effect on projects containing no tests.


Under normal circumstances this setting should be left at its default value.

A larger file size can result in more wastage, as tests using only a fraction of a file will still have an entire file allocated and stored on disk.

A smaller file size can reduce the disk space required by RDI, but will increase the number of files needed to store data, especially for larger tests. This can result in degraded performance when RDI searches through the log, as more I/O actions are required due to the buffer size being smaller.

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