Changes in v5.7

This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol. This means that grid
node servers must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

- Added support for Reqnroll
- Introduced the Risk/Progressbar under Rider
- Fixed an issue where RDI would fail to capture any data when the pruning threshold of all available storage paths had been exceeded.
- Opening a context menu on a coverage marker under Rider will now block coverage marker tooltips from showing which would otherwise cover the context menu.
- NCrunch toolwindows that are floating or windowed can now have their options set and won't prevent typing in the editor.
- Fixed the caret disappearing when using RDI under Rider and moving the caret under an RDI UI element.
- RDI under Rider now handles editor inlays that are generated by Rider. This helps to prevent indicators becoming misaligned with source code.
- Fixed the rendering of the status icon under the compact mode of the new UI under Rider.
- Pressing the ESC key with the RDI data point search window open will now close the window.
- Adjusted the synchronisation of Nuget packages over the grid so that packages will always be copied from the client to the node if the number of files in the node-side package is less than the one on the client.
- Corrected the drawing of the corner spinner under Rider.
- Added the idea.log when reporting bugs via the NCrunch submit bug report feature under Rider.
- Adjusted the handling around IsolatedAttribute so that processes used to run isolated tests are now immediately torn down as soon as test execution is completed, where previously the process would remain in the pool before later being discarded when the resources were required. This will also affect the handling of the tests being executed manually, as doing this launches processes with an isolation tag that is attached to the same mechanism. So manually running tests with NCrunch will now cause the test process to self-terminate when the run is completed.
- Updated the wording of the warning about building newer versions of .NET using processes running under the local system account (often the case on grid nodes), as this can cause problems with Nuget package resolution.
- Fixed inability to convert Enum data row parameters to ordinal types under MSTest.
- Implemented a speculative fix to try and address InvalidOperationExceptions when trying to instrument generic methods.
- Fixed a problem on a multi monitor multi dpi setup with showing the additional files to include dialog.
- Fixed a problem with rendering our workflow windows on multi monitor multi DPI setups.
- Added some extra diagnostic logging to trace an issue with menu item creation under Rider.
- Improved the rendering of the coverage markers under Rider.
- Closing an RDI overlay via a keyboard shortcut now works under Rider.
- Brought the hand cursor back to the coverage markers under Rider.
- Fixed the layout of the server tasks and server errors tabs on the distributed processing toolwindow under Rider.
- The Rider corner spinner icon now scales when the editor is dragged to another monitor with a different scaling factor. Also scaling changes on the current monitor are handled. The performance of the spinner has also improved.
- Fixed an issue where NCrunch would fail to correctly process English exception stack traces on systems where the primary display language is not English.