Changes in v4.2

Release notes for since version v4.1.0.1

	This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol.  This means that grid node servers 
	must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch might fail to a build a project that has a PackageReference where the 
package declares an explicit FrameworkReference.

Fixed an internal exception that could be thrown when processing files with a rare structure under 
NCrunch's optimised mode.

Fixed an issue that was causing debugger evaluation problems in async methods when using NCrunch 
under optimised mode.

Fixed a problem when certain packages where used that would result in only compileOnly packages in 
the workspace taskrunner deps.json file.  This would cause IPC exceptions when trying to build able
test environment.

Fixed a compatibility problem with .NET Core 3.0 that was causing NCrunch to experience assembly 
resolution problems when running tests declared in projects referencing ASP.NET Core Web Applications.

Fixed an issue that was preventing NCrunch from being able to process test projects referencing x64 
ASP.NET assemblies under .NET Core 3.0.

Fixed MSTest TestCategory attributes not being detected at fixture level under optimised mode.

Fixed MSTest DataRow tests with params as a test method parameter.

Fixed an issue that was causing the debugger to step into missing code intermittently during a debug 

Fixed an issue that was causing corruption of some assemblies making use of the CIL tail instruction 
under NCrunch's optimised mode.

Implemented a speculative fix for the resolution of unspecified versions of mscorlib during optimised 

Fixed an issue that was preventing local variables from being correctly detected during debug sessions 
involving portable PDBs under NCrunch's optimised instrumentation mode.

Fixed inability to correctly process x64 assemblies built by the FSharp compiler under optimised mode.

Added validation to the CPU core assignment settings in the NCrunch configuration.

Fixed some rendering issues when running Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10 with .NET Framework 4.8 and 
a multi monitor setup with different scaling factors.

Hardened the handling of type resolution during optimised hashing to avoid blowing up the build task 
if an assembly's inheritance structure is in an unconventional form.

Improved the error handling in the optimised instrumentation to try and give more information about 
the source of problems.

Introduced a speculative fix to resolve problems with optimised manipulation of contructor calls that 
have been manipulated by other tools (such as IL weavers).

Implemented a speculative fix for an instrumentation exception thrown under optimised mode.

Prevented an exception being thrown when editing configuration values that first fail validation and 
are subsequently corrected and stored.