Changes in v4.11

Release notes for since version v4.10.0.6

This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol. This means that grid
node servers must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

Fixed an issue that was causing grid nodes to fail with an exception complaining about a missing directory (which was introduced in NCrunch v4.10).

Forced the UseAppHost and SelfContained build properties to False, as the targets related to these properties are not normally needed in the NCrunch test environment and are causing compatibility problems with grid nodes.

Improved the handling of differences in Dotnet SDK install state between grid clients and servers. Grid clients will now capture the version of DotnetSdk being used to load projects, and will share this with any grid node responsible for executing tasks on their behalf. Grid nodes will always try to use the version of the Dotnet SDK provided by the client when building projects. Where this version is not installed, the node will resort to using higher versions before using lower ones. Differences in SDK version will be reported in build results in the Tests Window.

Fixed an issue that was preventing NCrunch from correctly instrumenting source files that were included in multiple projects simultaneously.

Adjusted the handling of the build system to prevent it from leaking memory under VS2022. This was causing NCrunch's build process memory limits to kick in after every few builds, greatly degrading build performance under VS2022.

Increased the default value for the 'Build process memory limit' setting from 125M to 200M, as VS2022 seems to consume significantly more memory in the build system.

Fixed an issue where attempting to debug a test while working in grid-only mode could cause build tasks to hang in the queue if the local machine has the 'Max number of processing threads' set to a low value.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch would fail to build some project types under VS2022 due to the Nuget dgspec file not being included in the NCrunch workspace.

Fixed an issue where creating an MSTest DataRow test passing an Enum array into a test method would result in an internal error in NCrunch.