Changes in v3.8

	This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol.  This means that grid node servers 
	must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

Fixed crash issue when a CPS project is changed on disk and is reloaded by VS.

Fixed an issue where changing config settings or UI options could result in the engine unnecessarily 
re-queuing tests for execution under certain configurations.

Fixed a range of issues related to the synchronisation of in-memory and on-disk project changes.

Fixed a synchronisation hole preventing NCrunch from detecting some changes to CPS projects.

Adjusted the way project references are represented in the .NET Core .deps files to provide better 
compatibility with packages that read data from these files at runtime (such as Microsoft.AspNet.TestHost).

Added handling specific to Microsoft.AspNet.TestHost that will automatically turn on the copying of 
referenced assemblies to the build output directory for projects that use this package.  A warning 
is also given in regards to the loss of performance incurred by the use of this package.

Fixed an issue where changing project-level configuration settings would not immediately reload the 
project in the engine.

Fixed errors and warnings sometimes not showing in the Tests Window.

Fixed test cases being lost when using XUnit tests with MemberData and arrays specified.

Adjusted NCrunch's handling of docker (.dcproj) projects.  The engine will no longer try to load these 

Fixed an internal issue that could cause NCrunch's navigation system or the configuration window to go 
haywire in certain situations.

Fixed an encoding issue where shared projects were not working under VS2015.

Fixed an issue that was causing .NET Core timeout enforcement to give bad errors and missing results on 
some solutions.

Fixed _SplitProjectReferencesByFileExistence error kicked up when loading projects with 'TargetFrameworks' 
specified with a single framework.