Changes in v2.6

Introduced direct support for xunit V2.  Support extends to the xunit V2 beta release and above.  Support does not 
include alpha versions of xunit.

Added a new 'Is Enabled' column to the Distributed Processing Window.  Shown as a checkbox, this column allows you 
to enable or disable a grid node as it applies to the currently open solution.  Forcing a connect or disconnect 
action using the toolbar options will adjust the enabled status accordingly.

Introduced a new built-in row in the distributed processing window that represents the local processor.  This can 
be used to easily enable/disable processing on the local machine when grid nodes are in use.

Introduced a new solution-level configuration setting, 'Infer project references using assembly names'.  Enabling 
this setting will trigger NCrunch to try to replace assembly references with project references to projects in 
your solution that have a matching assembly name.  This can be used to work around situations where project 
references are intentionally being substituted with assembly references across a solution.

Introduced a new project-level configuration option, 'Build Priority', allowing you to specify a custom build 
priority for each project.  This makes it possible to increase or decrease the importance of certain projects 
within your solution to better optimise engine response times.

Introduced several internal changes to reduce memory traffic and improve performance.  This should greatly improve 
IDE responsiveness when the engine is under a heavy load.

Added a new configuration option, 'Text output font', to control the font used in the Tests Window output text 

Added a console runner for the Grid Node Service (NCrunch.GridNode.Console), which can be used to launch and run 
the grid node from the command line instead of as a windows service application.

Fixed several issues related to grid node path translation of the 
Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework.dll file.

Added a new grid node configuration setting, 'Workspace base path over network share', which can be used to make 
it easy to access grid node workspaces via network share.  When this setting has been set correctly and a network 
share has been opened, choosing the 'Browse to workspace' context menu options will open an explorer window to the 
workspace that was used to build the project on the remote grid node.

Reworked NCrunch's project synchronisation code to use an improved approach.  This resolves an issue where 
sometimes NCrunch would get out of sync with projects that were the subject of many frequent changes in a short 
period of time (i.e. refactoring, nuget package updates, etc).  The new approach also resolves a number of 
performance problems that would have been very noticeable on solutions with many projects loaded.

Introduced a new option to the Metrics Window that allows you to hide excluded metrics in the tree.

Increased the number of visible rows in the test coverage popup from 6 to 12.

Improved the error handling for 'async void' MSTest tests.  As these are not supported by MSTest, they are also 
not supported by NCrunch.

Fixed a problem where the height was not being correctly calculated for the exception popup window.  This meant 
the window was always appearing slightly smaller than it should be, resulting in unnecessary scrolling.

Fixed an issue that could cause synchronisation problems between visible marker state and the underlying engine 
when working with test files containing only single line tests.

Added icons to all NCrunch tool windows.

Improved the error handling around the creation of test environments.  Errors encountered while trying to launch 
a test process are now assigned to tests that would have been in the execution run.  This should make it much 
easier to identify certain errors, such as Windows 8 Store App developer license expiry.

Introduced a speculative fix to resolve problems with incorrectly calculated line height in the test window text 

Fixed a potential race condition in the Tests Window 'remove warnings' button.

Fixed an issue where the 'Pin test(s)' option was not automatically selecting a test newly pinned to the tests 
window.  This means it is now possible to always focus the tests window on the current test under the cursor 
by attempting to pin it to the tests window, even if it is already pinned.

Added images to all context menu commands.

Adjusted the test name in the test coverage popup window so that it shows the namespace after the name of the 
test, instead of before it.  This should make it easier to identify tests when skimming through the list.

Added the ability to select words in the test window output by double-clicking the text.

Adjusted the alignment of the test window output selection boxes so they correctly fit the text under selection.

Fixed an issue where duplicate assembly reference resolution during NCrunch builds was causing exceptions to 

Added a warning for situations where the 'Infer project references using assembly names' setting is used in 
solutions with multiple projects sharing the same output assembly name.

When the a grid node server tries to process a .NET 4.5 project without .NET 4.5 installed, it will now throw a 
meaningful error, instead of 'System.InvalidOperationException: No process is associated with this object.'

Fixed an issue where the Tests Window splitter position was not being correctly remembered when set to split 

Fixed an issue where disconnecting from a grid node while the node is building would cause tasks within the node 
to be ghosted, making execution threads unavailable for later task processing.

Fixed a refresh issue where the corner spinner was not always in sync with the underlying engine after 
disconnecting from grid nodes.

Fixed a problem where NCrunch was failing to correct save and load custom environment variables containing 

Fixed an issue where usage of the ExcludeFromCodeCoverage attribute on test fixtures was interfering with 
NCrunch's navigation features.

Adjusted the NCrunch installers for VS2012 and VS2013 to avoid performing a "devenv.exe /setup" during 
installation.  This should greatly reduce the range of IDE related problems triggered by NCrunch installation 
and has also greatly improved installer performance.

Fixed an issue where the 'lost project reference' warning was showing the same project name multiple times.

Introduced a speculative fix for an issue that could cause exceptions to be thrown in the Tests Window text 

Adjusted the environment variable configuration dialog so that it will automatically copy the values of a 
selected environment variable into the name/value text boxes.  This will make it easier to modify existing 
environment variables.

Fixed an issue where the configuration dialog used to create new custom environment variables would not replace 
existing variables under the same name as new variables being added.

Fixed an issue where the Custom Environment Variable global configuration setting was not being saved between 

Fixed an issue where setting an environment variable in both the local system settings and in NCrunch global 
configuration would cause obscure build failures.

Fixed a compatibility issue with MVVM Light.