Changes in v2.22

Fixed a serious code coverage corruption issue that could cause test coverage to become badly misaligned 
with markers after source files are added/removed from projects followed by a successive restart of the 
NCrunch engine.  The only way to clear this problem was to either remove NCrunch's cache file or rename 
the tests involved.

Fixed an error handling hole in NCrunch's initialisation that could cause the engine to hang if problems 
were encountered restoring or indexing cached data.

Fixed an issue that was causing the initialisation jellybean to hang on misreported data from the engine 
if the NCrunch engine process was terminated unexpectedly during its initialisation.

Fixed a file encoding detection issue where ANSI source files were being incorrectly detected as UTF8 files 
without a BOM.  This was causing NCrunch to corrupt the file contents when reading them from disk.