Changes in v2.10

Introduced a speculative fix to allow NCrunch to try to recover data from corrupt cache files.

Fixed a visual data tree refresh issue.

Fixed an issue that could cause loss of state for tests inherited across projects when their 
host projects were reloaded.

Fixed an issue where including a database project inside the solution file was impacting 
NCrunch initialisation performance and preventing the NCrunch console tool from being able to 
suppress build issues related to these projects.

Added FsYacc and FsLex project items to NCrunch's automatic file discovery.

Adjusted the handling of test pipeline building during heavy codebase changes in order to 
improve performance.

Adjusted the handling of explicit tests so that these tests will not be automatically included 
when executing all tests within a category, namespace or fixture.

Adjusted the 'Last Run' tests window column so that this also includes the time projects were 
last built.

Fixed an issue that was preventing NCrunch from correctly identifying the entry point of tests 
using generic types as their test case parameters (includes nullable types)