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See real-time test results and metrics inline, as you code.

Download v5.9 Released 10 Jul 2024
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Automatic Concurrent Testing for Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider

NCrunch is a fully automated testing extension, engineered to make coding and testing a breeze.
Forget about stopping to run your tests and let NCrunch do the work for you.
Code and test at the speed you think!

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Test as you type

Code Coverage
Performance Metrics
Inline Exceptions

Code Coverage

NCrunch tracks your code coverage in real-time, showing this in markers next to your code.

This makes it easy to track where your coverage is heavy or light.

Code Coverage Example

Performance Metrics

NCrunch passively collects performance data from your tests while they run.

This is tracked and displayed on a per-line basis using yellow 'hot spots' on coverage markers.

Performance Metrics Example

Inline Exceptions

Exceptions thrown during test execution are easy to track and trace with NCrunch.

Exception stack traces are deconstructed and projected over your code, shown with red Xs.

Code Coverage Example
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Built for heavy lifting

NCrunch was designed with big complex projects in mind. We've spent the last 15 years optimising and scaling the NCrunch system to meet the needs of real-world systems consisting of millions of lines of code and many thousands of tests.

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Smart Test Execution

NCrunch tracks all sorts of test related data, and it uses it to give you the most important feedback as fast as possible.

Tests that you have recently impacted with your code changes are prioritised for execution using sophisticated and high performance IL-based change mapping.

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Distributed Processing

NCrunch can offload build and test work to other computers for processing. Farm tasks out to connected machines or scale into the cloud.

Processing resources can be shared between developers allowing teams to pool their testing resources.

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Small Footprint

NCrunch is extremely configurable. Fine-tune NCrunch's CPU and memory consumption to best fit your specific needs.

Where your tests support it, NCrunch can be configured to run them in parallel across separate processes, dramatically reducing your end-to-end test times.

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Run by choice of filters
Run when you want
If you don't like having all your tests run automatically, you can choose to run them manually.

NCrunch lets you create very configurable filters to choose which tests you want to run automatically, letting you use it as a manual or partially continuous test runner.

In constrained environments it is even possible to configure the engine to run only impacted tests, greatly reducing resource consumption.
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A proven solution

Mature Product

NCrunch has been in development since 2009, and we still regularly release updates with new features and improvements.

We've spent countless hours adapting the product to handle the scale and complexity of real world software projects.

Widely Used

NCrunch is used every day by tens of thousands of developers all around the world.

Many of the world's most proficient .NET developers trust NCrunch to deliver their test results with speed and consistency.

Experienced Team

Our development team has decades of experience in developing software solutions and deep knowledge of the .NET platform.

We have a broad history of consulting across many different industries. We leverage this experience to build the best testing tool available for .NET.

"NCrunch makes the TDD cycle a joy"

- Roy Osherove

Author, Art of Unit Testing

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